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Special Chanukah Memories

Posted by Yussel's Place Judaic Art & Gifts/ on

We've been asking customers what is their special childhood memory of Chanukah. Some remembered the family gathered around the pile of presents waiting for the adults to finish dinner so unwrapping of presents could begin. Another response was remembering the arguments of what goes best on latkes--applesauce, sugar or sour cream. Still others spoke about going to a grandparent's home for a huge family dinner. What each of the responses had in common was family. Family coming together to eat, enjoy each other and light the Chanukah menorah--as families have done for generations. 

We heard a wonderful explanation of Chanukah...think of your computer having a 10% battery life but lasted for 8 days...that's Chanukah.

We would love to hear your special Chanukah memory.