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A Festive Spin on Hanukkah Party Décor From Long Island Shops

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Hanukkah party guests can drink in the fun

Hanukkah party guests can drink in the fun with this Yair Emanuel fountain that dispenses wine from the top into each glass; $220 at Yussel's Place Judaica, Gifts & Art, 30A Merrick Ave., Merrick, 516-223-7050. Credit: Barry Sloan

By Lisa Irizarry

It’s time to get ready for Hanukkah — the eight-day “festival of lights” that begins on Dec. 22 and commemorates Jews reclaiming their temple from the Greek-Syrians and the oil the rebels burned that “miraculously” lasted for eight nights instead of just one. The holiday’s celebrations include lively gatherings, parties, community spirit and fun — and we have a sampling of some of the best finds to make any event shine, from the latest in decorations, table settings and hostess gifts to engaging children’s books and fresh spins on dreidels and menorahs.

“Historically, Hanukkah is about a military victory but the rabbis of old turned it into a story of light over darkness, so the story of Hanukkah today is of bringing light and warmth into the world,” says Michael Freiser, owner of Yussel’s Place Judaica Gifts & Art in Merrick. “It’s celebrated with fun, a lot of colors, and there are a lot of designers working in Judaica today. You can get all sorts of things for Hanukkah.”

Happy Sylvester? Happy New Year? Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

In Israel, why on secular new years do Israelis wish each other a Happy Sylvester and not Happy New Year? Where does Sylvester come from and who do Israelis wish each other a happy one?Sylvester is the name of an anti-Semitic pope who served from 314-335CE. Some say he was one of the most anti-Semitic [...]

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Calendric Madness

Is...(fill in the blank-Rosh Hashana/Chanukah/Passover) early or late this year? You never hear, wow (fill in the blank) is on time! The holidays are either too early or too late. Why do they fluctuate? Is it calendric madness?? is and it isn't. There is a simple explanation...Adar.  Adar is all about keeping our lunar [...]

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Special Chanukah Memories

We've been asking customers what is their special childhood memory of Chanukah. Some remembered the family gathered around the pile of presents waiting for the adults to finish dinner so unwrapping of presents could begin. Another response was remembering the arguments of what goes best on latkes--applesauce, sugar or sour cream. Still others spoke about [...]

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The Electric Menorah Dilemma...Facing In Or About Face

Most people lighting an electric menorah, in addition to fire safety, want to "show the flag" and will display the menorah on a window sill. Now the dilemma...does one light it left to right or right to left? My thinking is....When displaying the menorah "to raise the flag,"light the menorah so that people viewing from [...]

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Menorah Lighting Confusion Buster - ​Left? Right? First? Last?...Which Way and How

With Chanukah rapidly approaching (First candle December 2, 2018), the one certainty we know about lighting the Chanukah menorah is the "shamesh" is lit first and all night's candles are lit from that. Confusion reigns on what candle gets lit next.After lighting the "shamesh" and reciting the blessings (more on blessings in forthcoming blog), that [...]

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Break Glass Anxiety? Not To Worry

Randomly ask anyone who has attended a Jewish wedding what they remember as a highlight of the ceremony, I will bet they will say the groom stomping the glass. This tradition which concludes the formal ceremony is filled with symbolism and for the groom, a bit of anxiety.Debbie and I have seen big strapping men [...]

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​How To Choose The Wording For Your Ketubah

While some ketubot are stunning works of art, the most important part of any ketubah is what it says.  After all, you and your partner will be signing this document and affirming that what it reads is true, so the first thing you’ll want to do is find a ketubah with text that reflects the values you [...]

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What Does It Mean To Be Jewish Today?

What does it mean to be Jewish in today's world? Three prominent Jewish professionals provide their insights. What do you think?  Blu GreenbergTo be a Jew is to live a joyous, vulnerable, purposeful existence, mindful of the noble legacy we carry and the incredible ethics Judaism contributed to the world. It is to take enormous pride [...]

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Traditional Jewish Ceremonies Take To The Road

When Jodi and Alan of Marietta, Ga., began talking about plans for a bar mitzvah for their son, Zach, the idea of reading the Torah in front of 300 strangers wasn’t so appealing to him. He wanted something different. So the couple took a page from the wedding planner’s book: They invited 35 relatives and friends [...]

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