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Menorah Lighting Confusion Buster - ​Left? Right? First? Last?...Which Way and How

Posted by Debbie Glick Freiser on

With Chanukah rapidly approaching (First candle December 2, 2018), the one certainty we know about lighting the Chanukah menorah is the "shamesh" is lit first and all night's candles are lit from that. Confusion reigns on what candle gets lit next.

After lighting the "shamesh" and reciting the blessings (more on blessings in forthcoming blog), that night's candle is lit--just think Hebrew-right to left. The first candle is the far right. Again, the confusing part--after lighting the newest candle, do you then go back to the first to light, then second, etc. No...think English-left to right. The newest candle is lit, then previous night's, then previous night's, etc..all the way back to the first night. 

...remember Yussel's helpful candles in the freezer and take out only as needed. The colder the candle, the cleaner it will burn. No candle is 100& dripless...if there's a draft, there's a drip...