Shabbat is the most important day of the week. It is a day of rest, prayer and a time to recharge batteries. Shabbat begins at sunset on Friday and ends on Saturday evening after 3 stars appear in the sky at which time we recite the Havdalah Service. This service separates the calm and peacefulness of the Sabbath from the chaos and tumult of the work week. Blessing Over Candles: BARUCH ATAH ADONAI ELOHENU MELECH HA'OLAM ASHER KIDSHANU BEMITZVOTAV VETZIVANU LEHADLIK NER SHEL SHABBAT. Blessing Over Challah: BARUCH ATAH ADONAI ELOHENU MELECH HA'OLAM HA'MOTZI LECHEM MIN HA'ARETZ. Checklist: Candlesticks, Candles, Kiddush Cup, Challah Board, Challah Knife, Challah Cover, Havdalah Set, Havdalah Candle, Havdalah Spice Box, Havdalah Candle Holder.

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