The holiday of Purim is the paradigm of Jewish deliverance from cruel tyranny. The characters of King Ahashuerus, Queen Vashti, Mordechai, Esther, and Haman parade before us as vivid reminders of our people's will to survive. The traditional food eaten on Purim is a hamentaschen, triangular filled cookies representing the hat Haman wore. On Purim it is tradition to send shalach manot-gift baskets, and to give to charity. YUSSEL'S PLACE has a full assortment of "shlock" boxes, candy, chocolate, groggers, masks, Purim stickers, Purim bags and goodies to fill your baskets. Purim checklist...Tzedakah Box, Mask and Costumes, Candy Galore, Shaloch Manot Boxes, Hamantashen.

Purim, 2023 begins the evening of Monday, March 6.

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