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Whether you spell it Hanukkah, Chanukah, Channukah, Chanukkah, or even Hahookah, you'll find a wonderful selection of judaica gifts - menorahs, candles, toys, crafts and gifts for the entire family - for all eight nights! Chanukah celebrates the rededication of the Temple and commemorates a battle for religious freedom. The most significant rite of Hanukkah is lighting the menorah. Yussel's Place has a wonderful selection of menorahs and beautiful Chanukah candles. We also carry many traditional oil menorahs and pre-filled oil.

Chanukah begins with the first candle being lit on Tuesday night, December 12, 2017.  The final candle is lit on Tuesday evening, December 19, 2017 with the 8th day on Wednesday, December 20.