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Break Glass Anxiety? Not To Worry

Posted by Yussel's Place Judaica on

Randomly ask anyone who has attended a Jewish wedding what they remember as a highlight of the ceremony, I will bet they will say the groom stomping the glass. This tradition which concludes the formal ceremony is filled with symbolism and for the groom, a bit of anxiety.

Debbie and I have seen big strapping men lose their composure when looking for the perfect wedding break glass here at Yussel’s Place. Does glass size matter? (not in this case) What about shape? Nope. All our wedding break glasses are weighed to guarantee easy breaking. The decorative bag and protective canvas cover will allay any harm unless the footwear is flip flops or sandals. We always suggest a wooden platform or jetty to break the glass when the ceremony is on a beach.

​How To Choose The Wording For Your Ketubah

While some ketubot are stunning works of art, the most important part of any ketubah is what it says.  After all, you and your partner will be signing this document and affirming that what it reads is true, so the first thing you’ll want to do is find a ketubah with text that reflects the values you [...]

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What Does It Mean To Be Jewish Today?

What does it mean to be Jewish in today's world? Three prominent Jewish professionals provide their insights. What do you think?  Blu GreenbergTo be a Jew is to live a joyous, vulnerable, purposeful existence, mindful of the noble legacy we carry and the incredible ethics Judaism contributed to the world. It is to take enormous pride [...]

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Traditional Jewish Ceremonies Take To The Road

When Jodi and Alan of Marietta, Ga., began talking about plans for a bar mitzvah for their son, Zach, the idea of reading the Torah in front of 300 strangers wasn’t so appealing to him. He wanted something different. So the couple took a page from the wedding planner’s book: They invited 35 relatives and friends [...]

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Jewish Wedding Traditions (Besides Breaking Glass) Worthy Of Consideration

You're probably familiar with the Jewish wedding tradition " breaking of the glass" where the groom breaks a glass, everyone shouts "mazel tov," and the wedding's cocktail hour begins. Here are seven other Jewish wedding traditions worthy of consideration for you, whether you're planning a Jewish or an interfaith ceremony.Kabbalat Panim (Greeting Faces) Every bride wants to [...]

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Passover: A Time to Disconnect in Order to Connect

By Rabbi Yerachmiel GarfieldIt’s easy to get stuck on our phones — just finishing one call, one text, or checking email quickly as our children walk in the door or as we sit down to a family meal. Who hasn’t experienced the pull to our phones right after Shabbos or a minyan?We live in a [...]

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Yussel's Place: The Ketubah Experts For Your Wedding

Top 10 Reasons to shop for your  ketubah with us: We are a "brick and mortar" store not just a website Individualized attention for ketubah shopping customers (no appointment necessary) Sample ketubahs and texts on site We work with your rabbi so all information for the ketubah is correct Our staff is proficient in Hebrew We handle all ketubah proofing details We have [...]

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah Tallit

Tallits (Jewish prayer shawls) are often received at a milestone moment in one’s adult Jewish life. At bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, many families choose to give their child a tallit, which they will wear for the first time as they lead a congregation in prayer and learning. This process of choosing a tallit can be [...]

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Yussel's Place Judaica and Jewish Gifts Updates Its Online Catalog

Yussel's Place, a premier retailer of Judaica gifts and Arts for bar and bat mitzvahs (including tallit sets), Jewish weddings (including break glass kits), all holidays (including Purim, Passover, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah and Chanukah), and other special events has updated its already extensive online catalog of beautiful Judaica.For ketubahs, Yussel's provides individualized attention to [...]

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How To Choose My Wedding Ketubah

If you’ve decided to include a ketubah as part of your wedding, you have several options. Here is a brief guide of things to consider as you select the one that’s right for you and your partner.Ketubah Text The most important part of any ketubah is what it says. After all, you and your partner will be [...]

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